Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard 50 User Cals


Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard 50 User Cals

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard

Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard


  • Full version for life
  • OEM license for one-time purchase
  • Product key within seconds after purchase
  • Direct download from Microsoft
  • Unlimited reinstallation on the same device
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Windows Server 2019 Standard is reliable. This operating system provides a simple interface for fast and efficient server operation.

Windows Server 2016 is the successor and more than capable of building complex networks and an efficient in-house data center.

The server operating system is now ready for SQL Server and SharePoint. Launched in 2017, Project Honolulu lets you upgrade your existing Windows server with powerful storage and access to the cloud.

Azure Backup can help you integrate Azure File Sync, Microsoft Event Hubs, Azure Event Grid and other services with your existing infrastructure.

The security of your data and the security of your servers has been improved with the installation of Windows Server 2019 Standard.

By intelligently evolving your virtual machines and securing your sensitive apps, you can safeguard and maximize protection of internal company data.

Server 2019 Standard Edition has some great features that support the Android operating system.

These include lower power consumption, reduced memory usage, and improved battery life for Bluetooth headsets.

It gives you a clean, modern design that adapts to your needs for an unparalleled user experience, so you can complete tasks faster than ever before.

Your server system is fully protected by Windows Defender, which offers new ATP features.

This innovative feature provides up-to-date protection against zero-day exploit attacks and lets you manage the entire security cycle at any time.

For stable, high-performance servers, Windows Server 2019 is perfect - with new features and performance upgrades over the previous version.

Set up a server using Windows Server 2019 Standard. This will help you take your business efficiency to a new level.


You own a company and would like to run it internally and do not have access to the appropriate hardware (server)?

With centralized management, simple & clear overview of your data processing, you are well equipped.

Are you looking for ways to make your office work more efficient and productive?

Your company's data is critical to the success of your business. To protect it, you should consider installing a secure backup system for your files and confidential data.

Do you want to manage the security system yourself? You can find the right server for you in our online store!

Windows Server 2019 Standard is a cost-effective and scalable server solution for your business!

Impkeys takes care of all your operating system needs - with no hidden costs. We have one price, with no hidden, ongoing subscriptions.

As a Trusted Shop certification holder, we offer secure payment methods. These are encrypted with proven data encryption technology to ensure your security.

We offer premium quality products, but our prices are much lower than other companies in the industry.


After Windows Server 2016, Microsoft presents you with Windows Server 2019, and with your purchase you will receive a two-page license for Windows Server 2019.

If you use our program, both the core license and individual clients must be licensed separately.

The maximum memory for Windows servers is 24 terabytes. You can have as much CPU as your hardware allows, but it is limited to 16 cores per server and 8 cores per processor.

You get innovations from our updates - we release them every 6 months instead of annually. In addition, the following features are available for use in the workplace:

  • Integration with Azure

  • One of the services offered by Microsoft is Defender Advanced Threat Protection, which protects against malware. Windows Defender Exploit Guard is a component of Windows Defender that provides protection against exploits by scanning files before execution to determine if they have been edited. Azure Network is a quick solution for setting up a point-to-site VPN between your server and the virtual network.

  • Web-based management with Admin Center

  • In the browser-based Management Center you will find modules such as Server Manager, Computer Management or the Manager for hyperconvergent clusters.

  • Support for Linux

  • Windows servers now work with other Linux systems for the first time. Although Linus still does not support all Windows features, it is fully interoperable with both Linux operating systems embedded in containers

  • Remote Desktop Services

  • System Insights analysis function

  • System Insights are predictive analytics functions that evaluate system data such as performance values and events to predict potential bottlenecks. This enables early action

  • Storage innovations

  • With Storage Replica Standard, you can replicate individual volumes up to 2 TB in size

  • Software-defined networking

  • VPNs allow you to encrypt traffic between your computers and other devices without requiring IPsec.

  • Microsoft has added firewalls that monitor virtual network connections and outbound traffic accounting.

  • Improved security features

  • There are many features in Windows Server 2019 that make it the best server OS on the market. These include Advanced Threat Protection, shielded VMs for Windows and Linux, cluster strengthening, subnet with SDN encryption, sufficient management to make it less likely that IT will have out-of-range access or accidental downtime.

The Windows Server 2019 Standard can be linked to the Windows Exchange Server. This way you can easily share emails internally in your company.

You can also see and manage each other's tasks, contacts and appointments using the Exchange server for a more organized and efficient workplace.


Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition is compatible with Windows 10. This edition of the server OS offers support for the Windows subsystem for Linux. In addition, you can now even access Kubernetes.

In support, Windows Server 2019 now includes IPv6 support for networks.

Windows Server 2019 Standard is the optimal server solution for any business. With this version, you'll work faster and more efficiently, worry less about security breaches, or keep track of your business operations.

Windows Server 2019 Standard is currently the best software solution for businesses of any type and size

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