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Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional

Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Business Mac


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Microsoft Office 2016 Home & Business MAC - The answer for every office task

Microsoft Office 2016 Home & Business is the solution to get office work done quickly and efficiently, the fully comprehensive software package offers employees, self-employed and also freelancers the necessary support in everyday work, but also the private use sector is definitely well equipped with Microsoft Office 2016 Home & Business.

The management and creation of emails, presentations and formatting of texts, as well as the creation of spreadsheets are done quickly and efficiently. Other applications such as OneNote, with which you can organize and digitize your daily tasks, are of course also present, and Office 2016 Home & Business Mac shines with a new simplified user interface than its predecessors.

The new user interface enables an effortless transition from the older version Office 2013 Home & Business.

To help you work more efficiently on the go, Microsoft has added OneDrive to Office 2016. This lets you synchronize your data on different devices, so you can always access it when you need it. With this connection, documents easily share information with each other.

Real-time updates help you collaborate smoothly and quickly on various projects with your team members. Microsoft Office 2016 Home & Business offers 5 GB of storage for your files when using the OneDrive cloud system.

Word processing like a pro with Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a comprehensive tool for professional word processing such as word formatting, spell checking and other options. Microsoft Word has many features that let you create a variety of things. You can use it to design continuous texts, invitations or even form letters. In addition, there are formatting options that you can use to make your text look great!

Create spreadsheets like an accountant

Make sure you create appealing spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel and organize all the numerical results of your calculations in a clear and understandable way. Visualize complex problems with visually appealing templates and make sure everything interesting is included.

Microsoft Excel has smart calculation features that let you perform complex calculations automatically and get the results by entering numbers in fields and using formulas.

Create stunning presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a great program that can be used for learning, for school presentations or simply for work. It lets you focus on the essentials without getting too distracted by unnecessary details. Use one of our free design templates to customize your presentation with any type of material you want! We have countless templates to create packages, reports and also presentations.

Organize all tasks easily with Microsoft OneNote

With Microsoft OneNote you can quickly and easily create digital notes that you can organize into tasks. These are just some of the reasons why it is different from other note apps. You can also add images, tables, or graphs to your notes that are helpful to you. You have a "checkbox" feature that allows you to visualize tasks easily.

Make sure you have an account with Microsoft on OneNote. This way, your notes will be automatically updated on the other devices where you have also signed up for this service. OneNote is a free note-taking app that lets you keep your notes on the go. You can use it from anywhere - on your computer, tablet or phone.

Easily share parts of your notebook or the whole thing with other OneNote users and organize tasks & notes together as a team, with friends or with your partner.

Manage e-mails, contacts and appointments clearly with Microsoft Outlook

Use the intelligent Microsoft Outlook software solution to manage one or more email accounts centrally in just one mailbox. Receive your emails on Microsoft Outlook and reply to them with helpful features, such as embedding a signature or replying to emails automatically by sending replies automatically.

With this app you can better organize your future appointments and conveniently synchronize them with your phone. You'll always have everything in view. Outlook can sort all your contacts by different filters and categories, so you can find the person you're looking for more easily.In addition, Microsoft Outlook helps you sort all the contacts in your address book to make it easier to find the people you want.

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